Phentermine and constipation

Many people have constipation soon after they started taking Phentermine pills.

Phentermine dosage, severity of obesity and patient’s age do not affect the severity and frequency of constipations.

It should be noted that constipation is a side effect of Phentermine,

or it can occur because of a different diet.

Phentermine and laxative drugs.
If constipations appear as side effect of Phentermine, one can hardly prevent them. When Phentermine provokes severe constipations that cause severe physical and (or) emotional discomfort, patient can be prescribed some laxatives.

Phentermine is best to be combined with over-the-counter laxative drugs, which contribute to normal bowel movement (Espotabs, Petrogalar Plain, Black-Draught, Doxidan, Glysennid and Alophen). Most laxatives do not affect the effectiveness and safety of Phentermine, therefore can be included into anti-obesity therapy.
Reason of constipation.
If constipations occur even after patient stops taking Phentermine pills, it is necessary to diagnose the reason of this gastrointestinal disorder. Constipations may indicate:

Insufficient consumption of dietary fiber
Insufficient consumption of water
Neurologic disease
Gastrointestinal disease
Phentermine effect on the elderly.
Generally, Phentermine causes constipation in people over 55 years old and obese patients, who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Constipations may occur in those patients, who took Phentermine in combination with drugs that cause gastrointestinal side effects (opiates, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
How to reduce the relapses of constipation.
To reduce the relapses of constipation, one should eat more foods that provoke bowel movement (sour milk products, high-fiber foods). Before adding laxative drug to anti-obesity therapy, please consult a professional medical worker.
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