How much does Phentermine cost?

Obesity is a chronic diseases, which often requires a long-term treatment. Thus, when choosing a weight loss drug, patients pay attention to both its effectiveness and its price. Price of Phentermine pills depends on many factors, for instance:

The production costs
Some pharmaceutical companies do not produce anorexigenic agent Phentermine, but they buy it from other companies (in form of powder, pellets or granules). After that, these companies use active ingredient Phentermine to produce finished dosage forms and then sell weight loss tablets and capsules of Phentermine under various brand names. In this case, the price of Phentermine pills is affected by costs from technical and commercial interaction between two different companies.
Customs dues
In fact, customs dues are no less important factor, affecting Phentermine pills cost. If Phentermine is imported weight loss product, then after the customs clearance the price for Phentermine pills can be increased by 10-20% straight away.
Advertising costs
One should also note the marketing investments on promotion of the diet pills brand name. Some companies invest millions of dollars in advertisement of the original brand name. Then these costs are included in the retail price of Phentermine pills. For example, every obese American is familiar with Aaa brand name. But few of them know that Aaa is a brand name of oral anti-obesity drug – Phentermine.
Market competition
Competition between manufacturers of Phentermine pills is among the main factors, contributing to lower prices on Phentermine pills. There are about 20 American suppliers of Phentermine pills; moreover, their number is steadily increasing. Therefore, the price of Phentermine pills in the USA stays the lowest in the world.

In some countries, Phentermine pills are supplied by just one pharmaceutical company (like in South Africa). Thus, in such countries, the price of Phentermine pills is formed under conditions of natural monopoly.
Value added tax (VAT) and retail margins
VAT and retail margins for the prescription weight loss drugs are almost identical in all countries. Therefore, these factors have no significant influence on the price of Phentermine pills at retail pharmacies.

Where to buy Phentermine at low price?

If you want to buy cheap Phentermine pills, just ask the doctor under what brand names they are sold in your town. In many countries of the world (including the USA), cheap Phentermine pills are available under generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.