Get a prescription for Phentermine

Phentermine pills are contraindicated to different groups of patients. Many diseases and states are no contraindication for use of Phentermine, yet require an individual dosing.

Phentermine allows to lose weight quickly, but at the same time does not cause potentially dangerous side effects. Some of Phentermine side effects last a long time. Thus, a patient, taking Phentermine needs to undergo medical tests from time to time.

During the first visit to the doctor, a person should take a blood and urine test. In addition, a patient should do ECG and chest X-ray. Only after the doctor will check out the results of medical tests, he decides whether to prescribe Phentermine or not.

If the doctor thinks that the benefit of Phentermine exceeds the potential risks, he prescribes Phentermine weight loss medication. If a patient have never taken Phentermine before, the doctor may recommend to use a test dose of this drug (one Phentermine 15mg pill).

A test dose is administered to check whether a patient has allergic reaction to inactive ingredients of Phentermine pills or not. The most common symptoms of allergy are skin rash and itching.

If patients do not have allergic reaction after applying the test dose of Phentermine, the doctor can give the prescription for this weight loss medication. Usually, Australian patients get the prescription for 7 or 30 Phentermine diet pills.

Most patients are prescribed Phentermine 30mg pills. When Phentermine 30mg pills are taken daily and regularly, a patient is able to control his appetite 24 hours a day.

If a patient misses Phentermine dose or the interval between Phentermine doses is less than 24 hours, it is getting much harder to control the calories of meals and so the effectiveness of diet therapy is reduced.

Sometimes the daily dose of Phentermine 30mg is divided into two intakes. But if a patient missed a dose, he should not take two Phentermine pills at a time. In order to anti-obesity therapy was effective and safe, it is necessary to strictly follow the dose regime, prescribed by the doctor.

For a severe obesity treatment, the nutritionist can prescribe a maximal dose – Phentermine 40mg. Those, who have never used Phentermine 40mg pills, should take the maximal dose under a supervision of the doctor. Only if the maximal dose does not cause severe side effects, a patient can get the prescription for Phentermine 40mg pills.

If you want to get the prescription for Phentermine, but you have never used this drug before, please check out contraindications for its use. If you still decide to buy Phentermine pills online, you can get information about this anorexigenic drug by email.