Phentermine and planning pregnancy

When planning pregnancy, overweight women should try to reduce their body weight. The truth is that obesity not only complicates pregnancy, but also increases the risk of miscarriage.

Obese women must remember that the greater their weight, the higher the risk of impaired fetal growth. Thus, when planning pregnancy, obese women should discuss with the doctor the best options for weight loss.

Women should start fighting obesity with physical exertion and hypocaloric diet. When a woman cannot control her appetite, she might be prescribed an appetite suppressant Phentermine, which helps to regulate hunger and satiety.
Taking Phentermine, women should balance their diet and try to change nutritional habits. Because only a healthy diet allows to keep weight normal after the end of weight loss therapy.

Changing the diet while planning pregnancy.
Changing the diet while planning pregnancy, a woman should increase the consumption of one kind of nutrients and reduce the other kind. If the daily diet contains insufficient amount of certain nutrients (iron, folic acid, fiber and iodine), they can be prescribed as a dietary supplement.

Phentermine does not interact with natural supplements. However, some supplements may cause the same side effects as Phentermine. Besides the fact that dietary supplements may worsen side effects of Phentermine, they may increase or decrease the anorexigenic effect of Phentermine.
Adverse reactions on Phentermine during planning pregnancy.
Women should inform their consulting physician about all adverse reactions occurring during planning pregnancy. If Phentermine side effects pose a potential threat for a woman’s health, this weight loss drug can be replaced by other prescription or OTC diet pills.

The most dangerous side effects requiring discontinuation of Phentermine are: chest pain, edema and high blood pressure. These side effects indicate some cardiovascular disease. Once women notice these side effects, they should stop the weight loss therapy immediately.
Phentermine and Lorcaserin.
If the risk of Phentermine use exceeds the benefit for health, women can be prescribed appetite suppressants of new generation. Lorcaserin is one of the new anti-obesity drugs. Lorcaserin reduces hunger just as Phentermine does. But unlike Phentermine, Lorcaserin does not cause dangerous cardiovascular side effects.

If you want to lose weight by means of appetite suppressant while planning pregnancy, you may ask your doctor to prescribe you one of anorexigenic drugs - Lorcaserin or Phentermine. You can buy these drugs only by a prescription. Lorcaserin is sold at the U.S. pharmacies under the trademark Belviq, and Phentermine – under the trademarks Adipex, Suprenza and generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.