Phentermine 30mg

30mg – is the most prescribed dose of Phentermine. Therefore, it is no wonder why Phentermine 30mg is the bestselling diet pill in the USA. Phentermine 30mg pills have been on sale within the USA since 1959. The sale of these diet pills increases every year, so they have already reached over $40 million by the year 2014.

The price of Phentermine 30mg pills in the USA is lower than in other countries. The low retail price of Phentermine 30mg is a result of competition between many distributers of Phentermine on the American pharmaceutical market.

Total number of companies that have ever had the trade license to sell Phentermine within the USA, has reached 24. However, all these companies withstood the competition with cheap Phentermine pills manufacturers. Thus, a little more than 10 companies supply Phentermine to the USA these days.

New pharmaceutical companies announce the beginning of Phentermine 30mg pills sale in the USA almost every year, the same thing happened in 2014. In February 2014, InvaGen Pharmaceuticals got the trade license for Phentermine 30mg pills in the USA, so these diet pills were available at pharmacies in April the same year.

Phentermine 30mg pills and obesity treatment
Phentermine and age limits
Almost every obese person is recommended to start the obesity treatment with minimal dose of Phentermine 30mg. A single dose of Phentermine 30mg is prescribed to both adults and adolescents over 16 years old.
Phentermine indications for the use
Maximal dose of Phentermine 30mg can be taken daily, within three months. After three months of therapy by means of Phentermine 30mg pills, it is recommended to evaluate the results of weight loss therapy.

Please note that in a long-term use of Phentermine 30mg pills their effectiveness decreases. Therefore, doctor may recommend to stop taking Phentermine 30mg pills even if a patient hasn’t managed to get a desired weight loss result in three months.
Phentermine after discontinuation
Once a patient stops using Phentermine 30mg pills, he may notice symptoms of drug dependence (depression, apathy, anxiety and nightmares). When these symptoms appear, a patient should seek for a professional medical help.
Phentermine and drug dependence
Due to a high risk of drug dependence, Phentermine 30mg pills must not be prescribed for people, who abused or abuse drugs. Besides this, the doctor must make sure a patient is not an alcoholic, before prescribing him Phentermine 30mg pills.
Phentermine and severe renal insufficiency
Patients with severe renal insufficiency and hypertension should refrain from using the maximal daily dose of Phentermine 30mg. If Phentermine 30mg pills provoke severe side effects, a patient should discuss with the physician the possibility of reducing the daily dose of Phentermine down to 15mg.
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