Phentermine in teenage obesity

The problem of obesity is familiar to adults and teenagers equally. In Australia, the number of obese teenagers has increased by several times for the last 30 years. Therefore, doctors pay a close attention to the problem of teenage obesity in Australia.

Any treatment course starts with a strict diet and physical exercises. When a teenager cannot lose weight by means of just non-medical methods of anti-obesity treatment, he can be prescribed with Phentermine appetite suppressant.

Phentermine for teenagers
Despite the fact that Phentermine can cause severe side effects, Australian physicians prescribe this drug to thousands of teenagers every year. Usually, Phentermine prescription is issued to those teenagers, whose health is at great risk because of excessive weight.

In Australia, Phentermine can be prescribed to teenagers over 12 years old only. Children younger than 12 have not participated in clinical trials of Phentermine. If a teenager was diagnosed obesity and some other disease, he should use Phentermine only under the supervision of a doctor.
Phentermine and diet
To a teenager could lose weight quickly, he needs both to take Phentermine and reduce the calorie intake of his daily menu. Taking Phentermine, a teenager should stop eating snacks high in fats, cholesterol, trans fats and sodium.

Maximum amount of fats in foods teens eat must not exceed 35% of total calories. People should reduce the consumption of trans fats down to 0.5 g per meal. Total caloric intake of one serving must be 200 calories maximum. Herewith, it is better to lessen the consumption of salt (200mg).

Before a teenager starts taking Phentermine, a nutritionist should make an optimal individual diet plan for him. A teenager needs to adhere to this diet plan within the entire anti-obesity treatment course. When a teenager notes that his body weight reduced, the diet plan can be changed. Healthy eating saves a normal body weight and prevent obesity.
How long teenagers can take phentermine
Regardless of obesity severity, a teenager should not take Phentermine more than three months. If three months after the therapy with Phentermine, a teenager did not get much weight loss, some other methods of teenage obesity treatment must be discussed with the doctor.
Brand name phentermine in australia
Phentermine pills are sold under the brand Duromine at Australian pharmacies. An obese teenager can be prescribed with Duromine 15mg or 40mg weight loss capsules. Maximal dose of Duromine 40mg is administered to Australian teens very rarely. If you want to buy Duromine (Phentermine) capsules, but they are expensive in your hometown, you may order cheap weight loss capsules of Duromine online.
The advantage of Phentermine over the other weight loss products is that it helps to become slimmer within just 1-3 months. Many other weight loss drugs are used for a long-term weight management within 1-2 years.