Phentermine 37.5mg tablets are manufactured by dozens of companies. Almost every of these companies produces elliptical-oval, white Phentermine tablets with blue spots. Marking on Phentermine tablets can be different, including: «MP 273», «K 25", "5030 V», «A 159», «LCI 1445". Phentermine tablets can be marketed both in blister packs and in plastic bottles.
Adipex 37.5mg tablets are also available for retail sale of 30 and 100 tabs in a package. Color of Adipex tablets is blue and white. Each oblong Adipex tablet has marking - «9»-«9» and «ADIPEX-P».
Suprenza 37.5mg tablets go on sale in a plastic bottle. One bottle contains 30 or 100 round tablets. Color of Suprenza 37.5mg tablets - white with blue spots. One side of Suprenza tablet is imprinted with AX8.
What is Phentermine used for?
For over half a century, Phentermine was prescribed for a short-term treatment of obesity (up to three months).
How do I get a prescription for Phentermine?
Indications for use of Phentermine in the UK, USA and Australia are different from each other. In Australia, to get a prescription for Phentermine pills, a patient must have BMI 25 and above;

In the USA – patients must have BMI 27 and higher;
In the UK – patients must have BMI 30 and higher.
How does Phentermine work?
Phentermine stimulates the brain areas, responsible for appetite regulation. By stimulating several areas of the central nervous system, Phentermine inhibits the appetite.
Can Phentermine affect the metabolism and burn fat?
Phentermine can cause metabolic effects, but the mechanism of action of this weight loss drug is not fully understood. Affecting the metabolism, Phentermine can burn fats. However, maximum fat burn rate is reached by means of daily physical activity.
How to speed up the metabolism when taking Phentermine?
To normalize the metabolism, a patient should keep a balanced diet. Some nutritionists recommend their overweight patients to take some natural metabolism boosters, available at pharmacies without a prescription.
How does Phentermine affect the alcohol?
Phentermine accelerates the effect of alcohol; therefore, patients must refrain from alcohol during weight loss therapy.
What happens if I suddenly stop using Phentermine?
Some patients after a sharp termination of Phentermine develop a withdrawal syndrome. The most common symptoms of this syndrome are: pain in abdomen, muscle pain, sleepiness, hunger, suicidal thoughts, bradycardia, depression and craving for Phentermine.

The higher the dose of Phentermine and the longer the patient takes Phentermine, the higher the risk of a withdrawal syndrome. To cure symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome, doctors prescribe adrenergic blockers, anticholinergic agents, painkillers and psychotropic drugs.
What side effects can Phentermine cause?
The most common Phentermine side effects are dry mouth, headaches and difficulty of falling asleep. In most patients, these side effects are mild or bearable. Phentermine pills can cause severe side effects as well. If you want to learn more information about Phentermine side effects, you can ask your questions by email.
How often should I take Phentermine?
Maximum recommended frequency application of Phentermine pills – once daily. Some patients are recommended to divide the daily dose of Phentermine onto 2 intakes. Regardless of the frequency application of Phentermine, the last dose must be taken before the afternoon. Patients, taking Phentermine pills in the evening might suffer from nervousness and insomnia.
How much safe are Phentermine pills?
Effectiveness and safety of Phentermine was proven by national healthcare system in over twenty countries, including: the FDA (USA), TGA (Australia), MHRA (UK) and Medsafe (NZ).
Where can I buy Phentermine diet pills?
Phentermine pills are sold under generic name Phentermine or the original brand names*.

Metermine and Duromine* - in Australia
Duromine and Panbesy* - in Singapore
Adipex and Suprenza* - in the USA
Duromine*- in NZ
Ionamin* - in the UK

Ask your therapist or a pharmacist under which brand names Phentermine is available in your city.
How to buy Phentermine online?
Before buying Phentermine weight loss pills online, make sure they can be delivered to your home region. When purchasing Phentermine online you will be offered to choose a payment and delivery of these weight loss pills.

The price of Phentermine at online pharmacy depends on the number of weight loss pills you decide to buy. Ordering a few packages with Phentermine pills, you offset your costs for obesity treatment.