Phentermine 15mg

A daily dose of Phentermine depends on the patient’s age and the severity of obesity. When obesity poses a serious threat to the patients’ health, high doses of Phentermine are prescribed. Overweight patients and obese adolescents should start the obesity treatment with small doses of Phentermine.
  • A minimal single dose of Phentermine is 15mg (equivalent to Phentermine Hydrochloride 18.75 mg).
  • The minimal dose of Phentermine 15mg should be taken during the breakfast.

The single dose of Phentermine 15mg is considered the effective one in the case if a person does not experience a strong hunger within 24 hours after its use.
If a patient takes a Phentermine 15mg pill in the morning, but experiences a strong hunger in the evening or at night, Phentermine dose can be increased up to 30mg.
The patient can be recommended to take the dose of Phentermine 30mg at once or to divide it into 2 intakes (a Phentermine 15mg pill in the morning and a Phentermine 15mg pill in the afternoon). If patients experience severe side effects taking Phentermine 30mg, they can also be advised to divide this dose into 2 intakes.

Anorexigenic drug Phentermine may cause insomnia. Therefore, those who divided the daily dose of Phentermine 30mg into 2 intakes should not take these diet pills in the second half of the day.
If the second dose of Phentermine 15mg is taken in the afternoon, but the patient still have trouble falling asleep, it is necessary to refuse from the second dose of Phentermine 15mg.

Despite the fact that 15mg is a minimal dose of Phentermine, its regular use may cause drug dependence. People predisposed to alcoholism or drug addiction are at risk of Phentermine abuse. Thus, before prescribing Phentermine 15mg pills, the doctor should make sure of the absence of alcohol abuse or drug dependence in a patient.
  • In Australia, Phentermine 15mg pills are sold under brands Duromine and Metermine.
  • In the USA, Phentermine 15mg pills are sold under brand Suprenza and generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.
  • In the UK, Phentermine 15mg pills are sold under brand Ionamin and were sold under brand Duromine.
  • In Singapore, Phentermine pills are sold under brands Panbesy and Duromine.
You can find out from your doctor an information under what brand names cheap Phentermine 15mg pills are sold in your city. If you want to find cheap Phentermine 15mg pills but you have no time to visit a doctor, you can buy Phentermine 15mg pills on online pharmacy. Retail price of Phentermine 15mg on online pharmacies depends on the number of slimming pills you decide to buy.