Phentermine dosage

Adherence to Phentermine dosing regimen is a prerequisite for effective and safe weight loss. The missed doses of Phentermine reduce the effectiveness of obesity treatment, but Phentermine abuse increases the risk of side effects.

  • The minimal effective dose of Phentermine is 15mg.
  • The maximum safe dose of Phentermine is 40mg.
  • The average daily dose of Phentermine is 30mg.
Side effects may occur as in minimal, so and in maximum doses of Phentermine. Severe side effects may occur even if Phentermine pills are taken irregularly. To reduce the risk of Phentermine side effects, several simple rules should be observed.

  If a single dose of Phentermine causes side effects, it can be divided into two intakes (in the morning and in the afternoon).

  If a daily dose of Phentermine is taken at once, the next dose of Phentermine can be taken no earlier than 24 hours after the intake of previous one.

  When the obesity treatment is conducted together with a treatment of other diseases, Phentermine pills should be taken a few hours before or a few hours after the intake of other drugs.

  If Phentermine pills affect the effectiveness of other drugs (including antihypertensives, anti- diabetics), the optimal dosing regimen of all taken drugs should be discussed with a doctor.

  If a patient takes Phentermine pills every day, he should completely abstain from alcohol.

  If side effects occur only in response to the maximum doses of Phentermine, the reduction of daily dose or the frequency of diet pills intake may be required.

  If side effects occur even in response to the minimal doses of Phentermine, this weight loss drug should be replaced by other prescription or over-the-counter appetite suppressants.

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