Phentermine and healthy sleep

Obese patients taking Phentermine, may suffer from insomnia. In fact, sleep disorder is the most common side effect of Phentermine.

The peculiarity of this side effect is that it can occur even if you use minimal doses of Phentermine.

Insomnia arises because Phentermine is a psychostimulant.

Acting in the central nervous system, Phentermine can cause insomnia, as well as euphoria, mood swings, anxiety and worry.

Phentermine and severe insomnia.
Usually, Phentermine causes short insomnia, which disappears in 1-2 weeks of Phentermine therapy. If insomnia comes along with muscle tension or emotional stress, it may become more severe. Thus, a severe insomnia can:

Provoke anxiety or depressive disorder
Worsen social or professional activity
Cause chronic fatigue and physical weakness
How to prevent and reduce insomnia.
To prevent and reduce the frequency of insomnia relapses, patients should take Phentermine pills in the morning. When people use Phentermine pills in afternoon, the risk of insomnia is several times higher than in the morning. If insomnia occurred before the weight loss therapy was started, it is recommended after the intake of Phentermine to:

Go to bed only when you are sleepy
Limit caffeine consumption
Increase physical exertion
Get up from bed at one time daily
Avoid daytime sleep
Phentermine and slipping pills.
If patient is already taking any slipping pills, he should tell his therapist about all the drugs he takes, before getting Phentermine prescription. The thing is that prescription sedative drugs can be contraindicated for patients, who use Phentermine. Therefore, the doctor can replace RX sleeping pills with:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia
Over-the-counter sleeping pills

The application of Phentermine along with the prescription sleeping pills can cause severe side effects (hallucinations, psychosis and dizziness). Thus, patients, who cannot quit taking potent sleeping pills, must refrain from Phentermine and any other psychostimulants.
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