What you should not eat after a workout

If you want to have a perfect body, it's not enough just to load yourself with exercises. An integral part of the program for building a beautiful and slender body is proper nutrition. After all, if you have a hearty meal after an intensive training in the gym, there will not be much use for such trainings.

So, we present you a list of products that should be avoided after the end of a sports training.


A variety of salted nuts, chips, crunches, seeds and straws – these are definitely not the foods you can eat after a workout. These foods are full of calories. Better replace salty snacks with more useful dried fruit or simple banana, which, by the way, is recognized by nutritionists the best fruit for a snack after a training.


Sweets, jellies, fruit rolls and sweet yogurt contain too many calories and sugar, which significantly slows down your metabolism. If your goal is to lose weight and achieve an ideal figure, you should take good care of your metabolism. So, sweet and high-calorie foods should not be included in your "after-training" menu.


Carbonated water can cause bloating, and also negatively affects the work of your lungs, so such drinks should never be included in your menu both after a training or before it. Experts, by the way, have long included soda in the list of products that they categorically do not recommend buying in supermarkets. Drinks that are remarkably good for quenching thirst are:

simple water,
fruit juices,
green tea.


If you are a sweet tooth and it's hard for you to give up chocolate – consume it before the workout, and not after, and better choose dark chocolate. In this case, you will do two useful things - enjoy the taste of your favorite sweet treat and burn extra calories during the training.


If you, when getting out of the gym, dive into will dig in pizza, hamburger, French fries or burrito, the use of your training will be really small. After all, you are trying to get rid of your body's fat reserves, right? Therefore, it is quite logical that you should avoid fatty snacks and fast food.